Jun 26, 2015

Adjust Cocos2d-X SDK is now live

Cocos2dx Adjust SDK integration

Released today: the latest addition to our family of attribution SDKs, the adjust SDK for Cocos2d-x. This enables game developers working with the popular framework to integrate Adjust and track user acquisition and behaviour with the industry’s highest-quality attribution tool. This is available as of today - find it on Github.

The Cocos2d-X SDK is a fully-featured wrapper for our native SDKs, meaning that you can access the entire functionality of the Adjust SDK from your Cocos2d-X apps. This includes, but is not nearly limited to:

  • Automatic tracking of user acquisition and attribution
  • Unlimited and fully flexible in-app event tracking, to understand user behavior and infinitely deep conversion chains
  • Resilient tracking of offline activity
  • Transmission of any and all in-app data to networks, other analytics providers, or your internal BI - dynamically
  • Deferred deeplinking and deep link analytics
  • Groundbreaking feedback API to access & leverage attribution data in your app

Don’t forget that the SDK is fully open-source - meaning that the SDK behaves like your own source code: integration will cause you zero headaches, library conflicts are a thing of the past, app size is minimized, and you can at any time read the code yourself to find out what’s going on under the hood.

Check it all out on Github.