Aug 18, 2016

Upgrades to cohort analysis: Analyze multiple KPIs at once in our cohort analysis tool

Cohort Analysis with Multiple KPIs

The cohort views in Adjust’s dashboard now allows you to pick and choose from multiple different KPIs to include them at once.

You can select the KPIs to view in your cohort analysis by opening up the right-hand-side panel, hitting “KPI Selection”, and toggling any metrics you want to look at.

This is handy when you might be comparing & contrasting the performance of mobile app users with multiple metrics - say, retention, average session length, or LTV by a certain day after install.

You can pick as many as you want. At some point, though, the table will exceed the size of your screen, so you may either want to download the view as a full CSV report or reduce the number of metrics. Same rules as a free-for-all muffin smorgasbord, really…

N.B: We’ve also shifted the “Paying Users” metrics from being a base for all metrics, to being a KPI in itself, just like retained users. You’ll find the Paying Users in the KPI Selection now.

We also made date formatting a bit more consistent. From now on, a short-hand date format has M for months and m for minutes. The formatting guideline is MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss.fff.