Jun 03, 2020

Deeplinking from Facebook Just Got Easier

We’re excited to announce that Adjust now supports Facebook App Links, making it flexible and convenient to deeplink from your Facebook ad campaigns. Simply enter your Adjust tracker + deeplink parameter or Universal link to Facebook, and you’re all set.

What’s changed?

Historically, marketers have used direct deeplinks to drive traffic into their app from Facebook ads. Although effective, direct deeplinks can only open an app if it’s already installed on the device or send the user to the app store. They can't, however, open webpages. This limits your target audience and can create a negative user experience when your app isn’t installed.

With Adjust’s support for Facebook App Links, you can now deeplink users into your app, to an app store, or to a website, as required by your campaign objective. What’s more, you can do all of this using the same deeplink setup as for any other campaign. This not only saves you valuable time but guarantees the best experience for your end-users.

What are Facebook App Links (and how do they work)?

Not to be confused with Android’s App Links, Facebook App Links are simply HTML meta tags that are added to a webpage to let Facebook read information about it.

When you add your Adjust deeplink to Facebook, it is automatically converted into a link that’s set behind your ad. The link contains Facebook App Links metadata. When a user clicks your ad, this metadata is relayed back to Facebook instructing them where to send the user. This means they’ll be sent into your app if it’s already installed. If it's not, Facebook reads the redirect URL data from your deeplink and sends the user there instead.

With Adjust’s support for Facebook App Links, marketers can optimize their processes and save precious time, while the users who engage with your ads are guaranteed a smooth deeplinking experience.

Next steps

Ready to get started with Adjust’s seamless support for Facebook App Links? Click here to find out more or contact support@adjust.com.