Apr 10, 2017

Get quicker reports with region grouping

Charts, tables, and drill-down reports can now be grouped by regions, in addition to the pre-existing option to get it by country. This keeps your reports small and nimble, making it quicker to download reports and easier to analyze.

Up until now, reports were grouped by country by default, which in many cases made for very large reports. The new region grouping will slim down reports significantly and make it easier to work on inside the dashboard as well as in tools like Excel.

The region grouping is now the default option for your downloadable reports. If you want to get a report grouped by country, you can always change the grouping when you open up the report option in the dashboard.

Here’s an overview of how the regions are defined:



Example countries

North America


US & Canada

Europe, Middle East, & Africa


EU, Russia, Israel



China, Japan, India, Australia

Latin & South America


Mexico, Brazil, Caribbean countries

With a drill-down report, you can easily pull in Adjust data – answer such questions as, “how many installs did I get from this campaign? What is the ROI on this marketing channel?” – into your other Excel reports, or perform custom analysis (if the extensive dashboard isn’t enough for you.)

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