Jul 18, 2016

Update event partner parameters from dashboard

Forwarding simplified

Adjust has updated its partner parameter logic to make the process of forwarding important data to your partners even easier. This new functionality bypasses the need to update the SDK - changes to event parameters can made on a partner specific basis right from the dashboard.

For example, now, if you push “last_level_completed” as a partner parameter (that is only sent to partners, not ingested by our system), you can rename it to “ultimate_level_completed” for another partner to meet their naming conventions.

Sometimes, special partners would have specific naming conventions for data you’d want to send from the SDK. By mapping your existing partner parameters to these naming condition, you won’t need to update your app or create multiple instances of the same parameter. Once you have the adjust SDK, you can integrate any partners you need.

This update does involve some minor changes to the dashboard. In the settings for each special partner integration, we’ve broken out Event Linking and Partner Parameter mapping as separate tabs. Within the Partner Parameter Mapping tab, you can add different names to parameters on a partner by partner basis.

Have a read through the docs to familiarize yourself with these changes and to learn how to set this up. The documentation also includes information on which parameters you can forward to each partner.