Jul 12, 2022

Explore important new features in Datascape

It’s been three months since the launch of Datascape, and in that time we’ve continued to build out high-demand new features that help you get even more value and growth from your campaign reporting. So, what’s new?

Add charts to reports

Reports are a powerful way to gather data from all the metrics and dimensions that are most important to you. By adding charts to your report configuration, you can now visualize at a glance how your key metrics or in-app events change over time. This means more time spent actioning your data, and less time spent analyzing it.

  1. Navigate to the Charts tab.
  2. Choose between:
    1. Timeline chart: Visualize the breakdown of a metric or in-app event by a dimension, for example, installs by country. Apply a filter to see performance trends even more clearly.
    2. Combo chart: Compare data for two metrics or in-app events together. Then, further define the granularity of your data by days or weeks.

Outside of Charts, you can continue to use the Columns view to see all your data in tabular format. Drill-down into the dimensions that matter most to you, and get more detailed performance metrics.

Report management settings

When you create a report it is automatically shared with your team. With our latest updates to report management, you can easily modify the visibility settings for each report. Decide whether to keep a report publicly visible for everyone on your account, or make it private so only you can see it. This ensures you always have control over who has access to what data and keeps privacy at your fingertips.

New dashboard filters

You now have even more filters available to choose from when setting up your dashboard view. In addition to the key app, date, and dimension filters already available, you can now also use the following.

  • Attribution source: Choose which tracker to view a user’s in-app activity under. For example, select only their original (first) attribution tracker or distribute their activity across the original tracker and any later reattributions.
  • Ad spend source: Adjust uses two different ad spend sources to fetch spend data: Network and Attribution. Use this filter to determine which source you want data displayed from.
  • Attribution status: Select whether to view data from devices that have installed your app, reinstalled it, or both.
  • Attribution type: Define the engagement type that led to attribution. This means you can view just click-based or impression-based attribution data.


What’s more, we’ve provided additional support for data checks in testing by adding a Sandbox mode filter. This lets you easily switch between sandbox and production environment data.

Extended time periods for cohort analysis widget

The cohort analysis widget is available for both the Cohorts and Monetization dashboards, and provides a heatmap display highlighting your best and worst-performing cohorts. This instantly shows you where to optimize your strategy to keep scaling up.

To ensure you can always view cohorts for your entire cohort period and view data at the granularity you want, we have extended the available cohorted time periods for the widget. You can now use the following cohorted periods:

  • Days - D0 - D7, D10, D14, D18, D21, D24, D27, D30, D45, D60, D75, D90, D120, D180, D210, D240, D270, D300, D330, D365
  • Weeks - W0 - W10, W15, W20, W25, W30, W35, W40, W45, W52
  • Months - M0 to M24

Faster navigation for event metrics

To help our customers set up their dashboard reporting as quickly and efficiently as possible, we’ve brought in streamlined search for event metric selection. Quickly search for events in the metric selector by searching for the event name or scrolling through available events within the Deliverable KPIs, Cohorted Performance, or SKAdNetwork categories.

To make setup even easier and remove the chance for error, use the Relevant tab to only see events relevant to your selected apps, or use the All tab to see the events for all apps associated with your account.

Take your analysis to the next level

If you’re ready to experience Datascape and explore the advanced reporting, clear visualization, and powerful analytics - book your demo today.

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