Jan 17, 2019

Impression-based reattribution is live!

Continuing our effort to bring you more impression-based data, we’re pleased to release impression-based reattribution as part of our product offering.

By using this data, you can gain a much better idea of the effect impressions have on current users. For instance, many of our clients with critical re-engagement actions like subscriptions, upgrades and premium packages have found that videos drive some of the highest engagement with their existing users.

This update enables those clients to be able to see the users that have converted on impression-based videos, and allows them to test different creative inventory types to ensure that they are delivering the right ad to the right user.

Ultimately, our clients want to see that 100% of their touches have an associated impression, ensuring that they can track their entire user's journey. This is one critical step towards providing the full picture.

How to activate

Currently, this feature is set OFF for all clients.

To switch the feature on, navigate to your attribution settings, and toggle the impression-based reattribution toggle ON.

From here, you can also set the inactivity period of the user, and a reattribution window. The default for these settings are seven days for the inactivity period (with a maximum of 365 days), and one day for a reattribution window (with a maximum of 30 days).

This feature works on all platforms, including iOS and Android.

For more, click here for our adjustable attribution documentation. Relevant Campaign Wizard information can be found here. Finally, click here for our custom Tracker URL docs.