Feb 6, 2017

Callbacks for impressions? You got it!

Impression Callbacks

This coming Thursday, February 9th, we’ll be making callbacks available for ad impressions, meaning that you can receive a full, real-time sync of all the impressions measured by Adjust.

Adjust can measure the number of impressions that your ad campaigns are generating, as well as attribute in-app activity and conversions to specific impressions and specific ads. For each of your channels, Adjust can measure the entire chain from impression, to click, through install to LTV.

With callbacks, all of that data can then be synced in real-time to your own servers or your backend. Our impression callback is just the latest addition providing access to the great trove of data collected by Adjust.

Already using global callbacks? You may want to set a filter

If you are using global callbacks, that is, you have defined a single callback URL that will be called for any event, you will also receive impressions over this URL starting February 9th. If you are tracking a large amount of impressions with Adjust, this could in turn result in a vast increase in data being sent to your server.

If you do not wish to receive impressions as part of your global callback, you can add a condition into your current global callback setting. To filter out impressions, add notequal,{activity_kind},impression, before your URL in the global callback setting. Please make sure to set this condition by February 9th. If you have any questions or need assistance please reach out to support@adjust.com

Here is an example of the condition setting:


Use event-specific callbacks and want to receive impression callbacks?

If you want to receive impression callbacks (without using a global callback), you can set up a new callback for impressions in your App Settings. Simply go to your App, head into Settings, and click on Raw Data Export.

Real-time callbacks: in the list of events, click the edit icon in the impression row and add your callback URL for impressions.

CSV (S3) Uploads: click Select Events for Export, and then check the impressions box.

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As always, if you have any questions or feedback, just reach out to our team at any time.