Dec 02, 2015

We've just released Impression Tracking for all endpoints

Today, we’re releasing Impression Tracking endpoints for everyone: you can now run campaigns with impression tracking using any network you’d like to.

Impression tracking is an excellent metric you can utilize to better understand your conversion rates. Now you won’t just see how many users clicked on an ad, but how many users were exposed to said ad and didn’t click immediately. This data will be displayed alongside your click data within the adjust dashboard, where you can further segment it for a comprehensive overview of your display ad performance.

Impressions are different from clicks in the way they should be attributed, make no mistake. Anyone can trigger an impression, but a much smaller number of people will click at the moment of seeing the ad. For that reason, impressions should be judged on tighter attribution windows. We’re tracking with a 24-hour attribution window, whereas clicks are usually on 7 days.

Attribution-based tracking can be activated on a per-app basis in your App Settings. Read the rest in our docs.