Sep 21, 2020

iOS 14 is here

On September 16th, Apple announced the long-awaited release of iOS 14. As you are probably aware, this has significant implications for the industry as Apple rolls out updates that change how apps can collect and manage user data.

If you want a quick recap of everything that’s happened so far, be sure to check out our last iOS product update. What’s more, don’t forget that it’s essential you update your Adjust SDK to make use of all the incredible features we discuss here.

Dedicated features for iOS 14

iOS 14 is a big step forward for user privacy and something Adjust celebrates. As a result, we’ve been hard at work preparing for this release to ensure our clients can smoothly transition without skipping a beat.

Here, you can find out exactly how Adjust will help you migrate to this exciting new world - and get a taste of even bigger things to come.

Adjust Data Canvas

SKAdNetwork is Apple’s own attribution framework for app installs and reinstalls: Apple performs attribution and Adjust aggregates and reports the data from all your ad networks.

With the Adjust Data Canvas, now in Beta, you can instantly visualize all of your SKAdNetwork data. Select from a range of widgets to build customizable charts and add your most important KPIs.

SKAdNetwork Conversion Value

In your Adjust dashboard, you can now easily set up SKAdNetwork conversion value event mapping. This ensures that Adjust does the heavy lifting, by decoding the conversion value sent from Apple. This lets you see the data mapped to actual events in your reports. Learn more about managing your SKAdNetwork settings.

Dashboard Support Wizard

To ensure you continue to receive the best attribution support and richest data insights, Adjust will let you receive SKAdNetwork attribution and ATT activity update reports in your raw data.

To help you set this up as quickly and efficiently as possible, we’ve created a Dashboard Support Wizard to guide all of our clients on Business pricing plans and above through. In just a few steps, Admins can update settings for all of their iOS apps in Adjust.

iOS 14 Support App Settings panel

We know there’s a lot of new vocabulary and information to get your head around with iOS 14. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated support panel in the Dashboard to centralize all of the important links you might need.

Want to be a part of Adjust’s iOS 14 developments? Get in touch with your Adjust representative to find out how you can participate in our exciting Beta releases and global projects. For any further details or questions, contact