Feb 01, 2021

Manage your data collection and retention with Adjust

At Adjust, we want our customers to have complete control over how their user data is handled. That’s why our latest data privacy feature lets users set up time frames in which data can be collected and stored with total flexibility. This ensures you can remain compliant with national data laws.

A breakdown of our new data privacy setting

In the Adjust Dashboard, you can now find a whole new section devoted to managing your  data privacy. Here, you can set two separate time periods to instruct when Adjust should collect and delete user data. This setting works at the app level and can be changed at any time.

Term Description
Consent expiry period The period of time during which user consent is valid. This is from the moment of consent until a maximum of 25 months after. When this period expires, the user must renew their consent for Adjust to keep processing data.
User data retention period The maximum period of time that Adjust may store consumer data. It lasts from the moment of consent until a maximum of 25 months after. Once this time period expires, Adjust must remove the user data from our database.

There are many new laws and regulations being made by governments across the world with regards to how consumer data is handled. We want to ensure our customers can remain compliant with these. As an example, the French data authority CNIL has published guidelines that enforce a user’s explicit consent when handling their personal data.

Using the Dashboard settings, you can now tailor how Adjust manages your user data to ensure you fit within whatever parameters the law requires.

Feature requirements and setup

To manage the collection and retention of data from your Dashboard, make sure you are using the minimum supported Adjust SDK version, and enable the feature in the SDK. Below you can find the minimum supported version according to the development platform, and links to the correct setup steps in our Github developer documentation.

To add a data privacy setting, follow these steps in the Adjust Dashboard.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Data Privacy.
  3. Enter a Consent Expiry Period.
  4. Enter a User data Retention Period.
  5. Select Save.

Want to learn more about this feature, and how you can use it for data compliance? Visit our Help Center for more information.

Further updates

In addition to explicitly defining a collection and retention period for user data, this latest update means you have greater control over other existing Adjust data privacy features.

Enable, disable, and re-enable data sharing with 3rd parties via SDK

Back in 2019, Adjust released an important SDK update that allowed you to disable data sharing with third parties for statistics purposes. Now, this capability is extended to enable, disable, or re-enable sharing data via the Adjust SDK.

Enable Facebook’s Limited Data Use for specific users

Facebook released their Limited Data Use feature to support CCPA compliance. This requires you to confirm Facebook may process California users’ data. Following Facebook’s announcement, Adjust offered our clients the option to opt-in or opt-out of processing data at the app-level via a toggle in the Adjust Dashboard.

With our latest update you may still use the app-level toggle, however, if a user gives their consent their user-level information may still be collected and shared. The consent overrides the app-level toggle and does not require any additional setup beyond updating your SDK.