Nov 26, 2021

Measure Connected TV Campaigns with Adjust

In our hyper-connected world, over-the-top (OTT) media services are redefining how many companies spend their marketing budget. Connected TV (CTV) is at the forefront of this, as more people than ever regularly consume media via a connected device.

For app marketers, the benefits of CTV advertising are clear — you can reach a larger audience and enjoy improved targeting opportunities. But without a reliable way to measure engagement from your audience, how can you know the return on your ad spend?

Industry-leading cross-device measurement with Adjust

With Adjust’s industry-leading OTT campaign measurement solution, you can now see exactly how your CTV ads perform in driving app installs. This lets you turn TV from an awareness channel into a performance channel.

When you’re tracking with Adjust, you can see how ads shown on CTV devices are attributed cross-device to mobile app installs, impressions, and post-install events. This lets you calculate the ROI of your CTV ads and identify the impact of this channel in your full-funnel marketing campaigns.

Supercharge your campaign engagement with QR code tracking

Looking to save valuable time and money? With Adjust’s QR code generator you can now download your Adjust tracking links as a QR code directly from our dashboard. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go - easy as that!

By combining the full impact of Adjust’s cross-device, CTV-to-mobile measurement solution, with the benefits of QR code campaigns, you can take your ad engagement to the next level.

What might that look like? Let’s say your e-commerce business runs CTV campaigns, but you want to make the ads more interactive and convert viewers into app users. By including a QR code in the TV ad, you create an easy user experience to install the app and direct them straight to the store.

Are you ready? Let’s go

Ready to start measuring how well your connected TV campaigns drive mobile app installs? Visit our Help Center to find out how to create your CTV tracker and get started working with one of our network partners.

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