Jul 2, 2018

New partner filter in statistics

A newly-introduced filter now allows you to view a partner’s total campaign performance, taken from their various properties. The filter introduces the ability to look at the total figures from combined inventories, such as what you would see from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other properties under the Facebook umbrella.

This update is especially useful if you want to compare the properties of partners such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter (though many more networks are included in the update).

You can get started with this new feature by clicking on the filter icon within the statistics tab in our dashboard. Once you’ve navigated there, you will see a new ‘partners’ field between the ‘platforms’ and ‘view by’ fields.

If you’d like to build a dataset to perform analysis and visualization, you can simply download the full report to receive the data.

If you’d like to know more, you can read updated technical documentation here.