May 6, 2021

Exciting New Updates for Adjust Automate are here

Adjust Automate is our powerful automation solution that allows you to generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports as simply and as quickly as possible. Automate provides actionable analytics that let you optimize your campaigns without needing to leave the Adjust dashboard. In recent months, our teams at Adjust have been hard at work to make our Automate solutions even more granular and robust, all while improving the user experience.

Here are some of our favorite updates we’d like to highlight today!

Status Attribute

Adjust Automate now supports status management in Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Adwords, TikTok, and Apple Search Ads! You can manage your ad campaign status within the dashboard as an attribute. What's more, statuses can be broken down per campaign level, so you can manage your campaign, adgroup, and ad statuses independently!


This update allows you to make single (targeted) or bulk changes directly from your Automate dashboard based on the performance of specific campaign metrics. Additionally, by using the power of our Rule Engine, you can automatically change statuses based on performance. (For example, you can pause all ad groups that bring Installs = 0.)

Cohorted cost per event

You can now enable cohort cost per event as a metric in your Automate dashboard. This allows you to isolate users who installed and/or were reattributed to your app within a certain time frame based on custom event KPIs.

Furthermore, you can analyze advanced event-based KPIs for these predefined periods: 0D, 1D, 3D, 7D, 14D, 0M, 2M, 3M. For example:

  • Day 0 event_name: Total number of users who completed the relevant in-app event on the day of install.
  • Day n: Total number of returning users who completed the relevant in-app event on day n after install.

Data-based notifications (in BETA)

Manual data checks are time-consuming even with the most robust reports and are almost impossible to do often for the more granular data. With data-based alerts from Automate, you can spot anomalies early, saving you a lot of money and, arguably more valuable, time.

This feature is still in BETA and we’re always open to adding more participants. If you’d like to be part of an Automate BETA, reach out to your Adjust representative or

New Permissions + Languages

All account users can now access statistical data in Automate and the viewed data will be filtered according to your user permissions. Admins have access to attributes by default, and you are now able to whitelist non-admin users to allow them to work with attributes.


We’ve also expanded the global reach of Automate! You can now access the Automate dashboard in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

New Report Navigation

We have updated the way you navigate reports in Automate and you can now gain quick access to all of your saved reports. This update will let you view all your reports, and their associated rules, at a glance, giving you a bird’s eye view of your optimizations in action. You can also filter by automation statuses to see which campaigns have automation enabled or disabled.


To learn more about Adjust Automate, be sure to check our Automate guide on our help center. If you have not yet experienced the benefits of Adjust Automate, reach out to today to schedule your demo.