Jun 21, 2021

Retrieve your AppLovin MAX, AdMob, and ironSource ad revenue data even faster

You can now retrieve your ad revenue data using SDK-to-SDK postbacks. These postbacks offer impression-level data provided by the partner SDK to our SDK. Best of all, this postback information is then sent to our backend where it is processed in near real-time.

Additionally, we have also added AdMob as a new ad revenue integration partner. AdMob is one of the largest ad networks in the world. With this integration, Adjust now offers support for all ad campaigns running on a Google marketing platform.

Feature requirements and setup

These SDK-to-SDK postbacks require the Adjust Ad Revenue package. If you have not yet activated the ad revenue package on your account or are interested to learn about the benefits, reach out to sales@adjust.com.

To get started, make sure you’re using the minimum supported Adjust SDK version. Below are the links to our SDK Github developer documentation.

To make use of SDK-to-SDK ad revenue tracking, you may have to configure some settings on your partner's side. Click on any of the listed partners to learn more about how to set up these postbacks.

Visit our help center for more information about viewing ad revenue data in Adjust, or contact support@adjust.com with any questions.