May 11, 2017

Say "Hi" to Product Updates!

Our new Product Updates are here: a dedicated feed to keep you up-to-date as soon as new features and changes are released.

You can access the Product Updates in your Dashboard Notifications, on our Docs, or venture straight to the Product Updates index. Pull it up to check out present and past feature releases at any time!

The thing is, at Adjust, nothing stops the shipping. As soon as a new product feature is crafted, tested, and reviewed, we release it. With the Product Updates, it’s easy to check out all the recent changes of Adjust’s platform all in one place.

The new Product Updates are part of sweeping changes we’ve made to our website – keep an eye out for more to come!

Using RSS to keep up with Adjust updates?

You’re now able to get Product Updates in an RSS feed. Sign up for the feed with our new URL: