Aug 4, 2016

Shortened universal link logic has arrived

Platform Redirects

Adjust now supports shorter universal links.

As Apple does not support redirected universal links that occur outside of Safari, we’ve engineered universal link logic in order to ensure support across all browsers. Unfortunately, with all the parameters we support, the link could look something like this concatenated monster below:

Not exactly practical in campaigns where the link is highly visible such as in SMS campaigns. Links such as this one spanning over 5 lines may also create mistrust among users.

To improve this, we have now implemented shortened universal link logic. Universal links will look something like this:

Much more friendly.

These new universal links still support a bunch of additional parameters - allowing you to attribute incoming users granularly to specific campaigns, ads, or creatives.

The shorter links will gradually replace the longer-format universal links. If you’ve already been using the long ones, you’ll still see them both, but it’d be great if you replaced them when you get a chance.

Check out the docs for all the info you need to get started with our short universal link logic.