Sep 7, 2016

Track how many installs you get from Google searches - and which keywords work

Cohort Analysis with Multiple KPIs

Since earlier this year, if you google app-related queries on Android devices, there’s been a shortcut right in the search results. These links allow users to download the apps directly – skipping the Google Play Store altogether.

Now, we have just updated our dashboard to find the keywords that people were searching for when that happens. With the new feature, a user who downloads an Android app from a Google search query will be attributed back to that query. The list of keywords will be displayed in the adjust dashboard

We’ll pull in the data as organic Google search installs, and display the keywords as segments in your dashboard. From there, you can see how long users from this source continue to use your app (using the retention rate), as well as how much time they spend in the app, and how many purchases they make.

The feature is available for apps that are running the adjust Android SDK 4.7 or above.

Remember: Google search queries are only one way that users can discover your app. adjust tracks all of your conversions, and attributes them to a source or campaign. With adjust, you can understand where your users come from (and how to get more of them!)

A while back, we worked with GetYourGuide to help them analyze the marketing performance of multiple different sources - check out our case study to find out more.