Jun 5, 2015

Unity SDK updated with a load of new goodies

Updated: our Unity SDK

Following right on the heels of adding support for Xamarin apps, we’d also like to let you know that we’ve updated our Unity SDK to be fully up-to-date with the features available in the latest versions of our iOS (4.2.4) and Android SDKs (4.0.6).

Our Unity SDK is a wrapper for our native SDKs that include all of the functionality and tracking tools that are available there. With the latest update to the Unity SDK, we’ve added:

  • Partner parameters, which let you send additional data to your partner integrations from your SDK via Adjust. This allows you to take advantage of an even greater set of partner functionalities, without having to integrate additional partner SDKs.
  • Full, in-built currency conversion from any currency, including ounces of gold.
  • New & improved feedback API. We’ve improved our delegate callbacks, which allows you to customize your app based on your attribution data - like Vinted did, to increase their conversion to buyer by 80 %.
  • Offline mode, allowing you to instruct the SDK to cache all data being tracked until a later time, as an extension of our event buffering and blackout modes, to give you better configuration of the data being transmitted from the SDK.
  • Receipt validation, which lets you send your iTunes store receipts right to our servers to verify and track only legitimate receipts.

The new features complement the stock features of the Adjust SDK, including flexible & completely customized in-app event tracking, deferred deeplinking, offline tracking, and a bunch of other stuff.

As always, we publish our source code open, which you can check out right on Github.