Jun 21, 2017

Dynamic callback parameters: Unlimited callback technology from Adjust

For all your clicks, installs and attributions, you can now receive a much larger amount of information in your callbacks. This update, known as dynamic callback parameters, can help power your data collection in a whole new way.
Maybe you’d like more information about the user that just goes beyond the network, adgroup, campaign, or creative that prompted the action. Now, on install, you can use dynamic callback parameters for unlimited granularity. 
Previously you were limited by a number of predefined placeholders, where only the label was able to be customized. Now, with dynamic callback parameters, you can receive as many new layers of granularity as you want, and use data that you already have about your users in a new way. 
If you can provide us the information you want on click, when we attribute an install or reattribution, you will receive this information in your callbacks as you already do with standard callback information. Check out how to utilize this new functionality with our updated docs, here
The function provides more targeting options - want to receive more in-depth information, such as geolocation of click? Now you can. Want to target specific keywords to understand where users come from? Now you can. All this can be handled by dynamic callback parameters.
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