Aug 8, 2018

Uncover more conversion insights with view-through attribution for Google AdWords

Uncover more conversion insights with view-through attribution reporting for Google AdWords

Today, Google launched view-through (impression-based) attribution for mobile app promotion campaigns in Google AdWords. Now, users who saw one of your mobile ads and subsequently downloaded the app (without clicking on the ad) can now be credited as a conversion from your Google AdWords campaigns.

With this new capability, you’ll get performance insights from a new audience of users who have taken action (installing your app) as a result of seeing a Google ad. This gives you a more complete, picture of how your AdWords campaigns perform.

We’ve worked with view-through attribution for some time now, and we have strict requirements with our partners for how we track these views and impressions. As with all of our settings, you can activate view-through attribution separately in your dashboard. Because we regard ad impressions as a softer signal than clicks, we use a shorter attribution window for impressions (24 hours) than we do for clicks (7 days), these attribution windows are defaults but fully customizable.

You can activate or deactivate view-through attribution for Google AdWords in your attribution settings. This feature is available to all clients with at the Business package level and above.