Mobile retargeting is a lot easier with Audience Builder

Audience segmentation

Distribute audiences in real time

Target your best users

Create the audiences you want for the results you need

With Audience Builder, you’re empowered to build detailed audience segments with your in-house Adjust data, sent instantly to your partners. Your audiences can get as detailed as you’d like: target users based on the day of install, which events they trigger, which device type they have, and much more. Once you’ve created an audience, all you have to do is send your partners a dynamic URL that contains everything they need (and nothing else) to reach out to your users.

Powerful audience segmentation for effective mobile app retargeting

Dynamic Audiences

Day 1 Retargeting

Automatic Sync with FB

Full Data Security

Run targeted push campaigns and refine your in-app retargeting

Audience Builder also allows you to create audiences with push tokens, so your retargeting campaigns reach the right users at the right time. With such precise in-app retargeting, you can create powerful campaigns that draw the user right back into your app.

Runtastic saw a 241% increase in ROAS using Audience Builder and Facebook Lookalikes to push semi-engaged users into conversions.

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Extend the user lifecycle by recapturing uninstalled users

Clients who also use our lifecycle tracking tools can plug in uninstalled users as an audience, which will then be sent immediately to partners in order to encourage reinstalls. By doing so, you can raise LTV and extend your app’s user lifecycle.

Advanced re-engagement campaigns that drive growth

Cross Promotion

A/B Testing

Use audiences with any partner

Your data stays with you

There’s no need to share every single data point you have to retarget. With other attribution and advertising partners, you’re required to send all of your data, unfiltered. With Audience Builder, you only send advertising IDs or push tokens, preserving privacy and preventing oversharing.

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Take control of your mobile marketing

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