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What's the impact of iOS 14?

Apple’s new user privacy regulations for iOS 14 will significantly impact how advertisers target users on iOS, specifically requiring consent from iOS users to access the IDFA. The potential loss of the IDFA makes accurate mobile measurement on iOS more challenging than ever before.

How can Adjust help?

At Adjust, we have developed innovative, first-to-market solutions to manage Apple’s privacy changes. We’ll ensure you can smoothly transition to a new era of user privacy without skipping a beat, and we’ll always be transparent about what works and what doesn’t - there is never any gimmickry with our offering. Our solutions are made to work and enhance your mobile marketing performance.

Adjust's iOS 14 Solution

We’ve built several new features to help  you succeed in an iOS 14 world. Learn more about SKAdNetwork settings, then check out the tools we’ve built to help you better analyze your SKAdNetwork data in Adjust.

Adjust Data Canvas

With the Adjust Data Canvas, instantly visualize all of your Apple SKAdNetwork data and gain unparalleled visibility into these campaigns. Use our widgets to build customizable charts and track your most important KPIs so you can easily make smarter marketing decisions.

SKAdNetwork Conversion Value

Dashboard Support Wizard

iOS 14 Support Panel

Adjust's new SDK for managing privacy on iOS 14

As the ecosystem shifts toward heightened privacy, Adjust has been working hard to help you manage these changes. We are committed to providing core mobile measurement that every app publisher needs to drive growth. To do this, we have released several updates to our SDK, including these three major features, to help position your campaigns for success with the release of iOS 14:

Apple Search Ads Attribution Support

AppTracking Transparency (ATT) Support

Robust SKAdNetwork Support

Our growing list of partner integrations

As more networks begin to support SKADnetwork, Adjust is working rapidly to integrate their solutions into our product. Our collection of partners will grow quickly so be sure to check back for our latest additions. With these integrations, you'll be able to view your SKAdNetwork data in your Adjust Data Canvas or raw data and get the key insights you need to optimize your campaigns.

What steps do I need to take?

Feel confident with our simple, actionable steps that will have you prepared for a post iOS 14 world.

Read more about these steps on our blog and check out more information on iOS 14 in the additional blog posts below:

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Getting ready for iOS 14 with Adjust’s newest SDK

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