Track app subscription events and revenue with Adjust

Grow your subscription business with the most accurate data:

  • Invest in the right channels and maximize ROAS

  • Increase customer loyalty and boost LTV

  • Prevent churn before it happens

  • All your data in one place for faster decisions

Get the most accurate ROAS and LTV calculations

With Adjust’s Subscription Tracking solution, measure the entire subscription funnel and leverage this data to build accurate Lifetime Value models that increase ROI.

Combine subscriptions and attribution data for effective campaign optimization - gaining insight into what may lead your customers to churn so you can take action quickly and increase subscribers and renewals.

Subscription apps are taking hold across all industries

Subscription services are booming, with an average of $20 spent per month per customer. And while only 1% of apps monetize with subscriptions, over 90% of mobile consumer spend comes from subscription apps. People are signing up for apps with regular payments across all categories - entertainment, shopping, fitness, lifestyle and more.

Up until now, marketers didn’t have access to a full overview of their subscriptions and attribution data in one place. They were missing crucial pieces of their conversion funnel and had to do a lot of extra work across multiple platforms to understand how subscription customers discovered or engaged with their app.

Measure the full journey of your subscribers

With Adjust’s subscription tracking solution, you can analyze the full customer lifecycle – from what brought them into your app to when they’ve activated their trial, and the detailed journey behind each subscriber until they cancel and even reactivate.

Grow your subscription business

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