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“It’s been an amazing journey.”

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The Challenge

SwingVision saw steady user growth in 2019. But by early 2020, with lockdowns on the horizon, they recognized a plateau in regards to app trials and conversions. They needed to get a better understanding of their full customer journey — from users seeing an ad to downloading and actually using the app.

This challenge was made clearer after being featured on the App Store. SwingVision noticed a large number of installs from this data set, but few subscribers, trials and total sessions. We sat down with Richard Hsu, co-founder of SwingVision, who shared why SwingVision chose Adjust for their iOS app attribution and ad campaign optimization.

Their main goal was to discover the best way to push users towards trying their product.

“For us in the beginning, and even now, the biggest thing that we cared about was whether people were actually trying out our product; not just downloading the app. The other metric that we cared about is the type of conversion - from trial to paying. With Adjust, we were able to actually track all this information in a lot more in detail.”

Richard Hsu

Co-Founder, SwingVision

The Solution

By leveraging data from Adjust Subscription Measurement, SwingVision can easily deep dive into the various different stages of subscriptions — trials, conversions and cancellations. With this overview, they now have oversight on the entire user funnel and subscription flow. This is vital for any app with a subscription model.

Additionally, with Adjust Measure, SwingVision could acquire more granular event tracking as their user base grows. This highlighted where and how users were installing their app.

“I think that my most favorite thing about the Adjust subscription tracking is that it's so detailed, and allows us to really dive deep into all the different stages of trialing, activation, conversions and even cancellations, and being able to understand the flow there.”

Richard Hsu

Co-Founder, SwingVision

“We’re constantly improving on utilizing our ad campaigns, and using the Adjust Dashboard to understand which ads are doing well. This gives us the ability to tweak them or remove the ones that are just being spent with little return.”

Swupnil Sahai

Co-Founder, SwingVision

The Results

With Adjust, SwingVision is now able to use referral links to track any conversions or events based on specific referrals.

Additionally, SwingVision now also has the opportunity to analyze and optimize campaigns on a weekly basis by leveraging the Adjust Dashboard.

  • By utilizing Adjust attribution data to monitor campaign performance, SwingVision saw almost 370% year-over-year growth in terms of app installs in comparison with 2020.
  • SwingVision experienced a 1,200% year-over-year growth for subscription trials by deep linking their website to the App Store — providing users with a seamless transition from curiosity to trial.
  • The SwingVision team could now focus their efforts on growth, new products for their app such as line calling and working with tennis associations — expanding the pro experience not only on a recreational level, but also to leagues and tournaments.

“This is actually one reason also why we ended up choosing Adjust — a lot of the MMP solutions that we had made it difficult for us to have our own referral system. With Adjust, we were able to customize it and maintain referral information, which is important because with iOS, it can be hard to maintain that referral information.”

Richard Hsu

Co-Founder, SwingVision