Case Study: Bullspree x Adjust

About BullSpree

Bullspree is a combined finance and gaming app based in India. Gaming and learning are combined in one mobile app offering a wide range of fun-filled financial market games

These rewarding but entertaining challenges help users develop financial knowledge. This supports the company’s mission to make financial market knowledge accessible to every Indian household.

The Challenge

As a consumer tech company, Bullspree needed to clearly identify which ad distribution channels were contributing to its user acquisition (UA). Attribution was needed to reliably analyze audience onboarding from respective channels. Plus, Bullspree wanted to dig deep into its growth metrics; to do this, data reliability was a critical requirement.

Dharmil Bavishi

Co-Founder/Director, Bullspree

The Solution

With the addition of Adjust to its tech stack, Bullspree had finally achieved a 360º view of acquisition and user behavior. Clear attribution provided the picture of user behavior Bullspree needed to understand conversion intent, which helped increase the effectiveness of marketing.

Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite discovered an affiliate who was contributing a high volume of click spam, which Bullspree was able to promptly address. Meanwhile, Datascape allowed the team to keep a close eye on thresholds, and take required actions once any deviation from KPIs was noted.

The Results

With the help of Adjust, Bullspree has been able to:
  • Increase marketing efficiency by 20%
  • Improve conversion rate by 15%
  • Increase their install volume by 15%
  • Decrease online user acquisition costs by 15%
  • Determine which channels are yielding the most valuable leads in order to allocate and optimize budget

As Bullspree continues to scale, Adjust will remain a key success factor in providing the multi-touch attribution needed to identify growth opportunities, as well as the data security and transparency that has become pivotal to navigating the app’s success.