The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary

User Acquisition


What is User Acquisition?

User acquisition (often shortened to UA) is the act of gaining new users, whether it be on an app, platform, or another service. It’s a marketing term for a strategy designed around capturing an audience and convincing them to use your offering, usually achieved by advertising campaigns among many other tactics.

Why is User Acquisition Important?

Without a user acquisition strategy, it can be tough for businesses to find and convert new users. It’s a data-heavy science that looks for trends and patterns that work, and without one you just guess at what’s effective.

With competition increasing, finding the means to boost app discovery while convincing the users who find you to both install your app and make purchases can become an exercise in optimization as well as an essential component of success.

User Acquisition and Adjust

From implementing your campaigns to users registering, purchasing, and playing to win, Adjust is there through the whole process, helping you optimize user acquisition. Our trackers stay true to the user they’re attributed to, giving you an insight into the lifetime of a user on your app. You can use all our data to find out what keeps your user’s attention, and what parts of your app increase churn.

Our KPI features can reveal where your highest lifetime value users come from, and which campaigns produce the best results, laid out with excellent clarity within our dashboard.

With inbuilt retargeting, you can add incentives to improve retention and progression in the areas you see churn, and even optimize channels between our partners to drive users to your application.