Case Study: REPLUG x Halbestunde x Adjust

About Halbestunde and REPLUG

Halbestunde is a sheet music reader app for players of all skill levels. With sheet music scanning and note digitization, users can listen to the music piece and learn to play their favorite songs on 14 instruments, including piano, violin, trumpet, and more. The app allows users to follow the notes being played and has many features to make learning intuitive and fun.

REPLUG is a mobile app growth agency that provides its clients with custom strategies to optimize marketing budgets and scale growth. Adjust and REPLUG work together to provide mutual clients with accurate marketing insights. REPLUG leverages the client’s Adjust dashboard and callbacks not only for SKAN but also to make decisions that can boost the client's growth.

The Challenge

Like many app marketing teams in the post-iOS 14.5 world, Halbestunde faced difficulty accurately measuring its iOS campaigns. Without clarity on how to measure these campaigns or develop a conversion value strategy, the team found it difficult to strategically and confidently approach their marketing efforts on iOS. The team was determined not to miss out on any valuable measurement opportunities, but the limited visibility posed a significant hurdle.

Another challenge was the scattered nature of their data, with multiple sources storing information. Discrepancies within channel connections compounded these complexities, requiring additional support to swiftly establish a SKAdNetwork (SKAN) strategy. Consequently, they sought a reliable, consolidated, and unified data source for their campaign data.

Overcoming these obstacles required strategic planning and close collaboration within the Halbestunde team and with the Adjust and REPLUG teams.

The Solution

To address the challenges with iOS faced by Halbestunde, the team discovered a solution called REPLUG through Adjust’s partner marketplace. Recognizing REPLUG as an expert in iOS, they reached out for assistance. REPLUG's expertise was particularly valuable in assessing the data completeness for missing key performance indicators (KPIs). The ultimate aim of partnering with REPLUG was to establish a robust measurement framework that would effectively track their campaigns.

Breno Pessoa

Chief Marketing Officer, Halbestunde

With support and guidance from REPLUG, Halbestunde gained more confidence in its measurement capabilities and subsequently could make better decisions on which channels to allocate its advertising spend. To facilitate this process, REPLUG collaborated with Adjust to set up intricate conversion value mapping for Halbestunde's revenue events within Conversion Hub, further strengthening their measurement infrastructure. This collaborative effort allowed Halbestunde to overcome previous obstacles and pave the way for more effective campaign optimization and decision-making.

Breno Pessoa

Chief Marketing Officer, Halbestunde

The Results

With the help of Adjust, REPLUG & Halbestunde was able to
  • Increase SKAN installs by over 140%
  • Set-up and map a 6-bit conversion value model to track early UA and subscriptions with Adjust's Conversion Hub
  • Grow revenue by 400% in the past year

Additionally, Halbestunde could gain full visibility of the impact of its Apple Search Ads and optimize campaigns at a detailed level. The team is preparing to further grow its app marketing, testing more creatives and gearing towards a hyper-growth strategy.

Breno Pessoa

Chief Marketing Officer, Habestunde, Halbestunde