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Conversion Hub: Adjust's all-in-one solution for smart, easy, & effective conversion value mapping

Conversion value models that make the most of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) data are essential for mobile marketers working on iOS. The App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which requires developers to request permission to track users via the IDFA, means that from iOS 14.5 onward, SKAN is necessary for attribution and measurement—but working with its conversion value mechanism and building a strategy that makes the most of it comes with complexities and limitations. That’s why Adjust is excited to launch Conversion Hub, our smart, easy-to-use conversion value solution that empowers clients to leverage our machine-trained models to map and configure conversion value setups specific to their app.

Based on machine-learning and industry best practices, Conversion Hub benefits clients of all sizes by allowing them to generate conversion values tailored to their app or build their own—smart, easy, and effective.

Conversion Hub: Smart, easy conversion value mapping

With Conversion Hub, Adjust leverages our proprietary learning models to recommend a conversion value method specific to each client and app. As your in-house SKAN expert, Conversion Hub allows you to launch and measure iOS campaigns with confidence. Remember, in the postback, SKAN gives you one conversion value and the key to success is getting the most out of it. Let’s take a look at how Conversion Hub empowers clients to do just that.

1. Conversion value modes:

- 63 CVs mode: This mode makes use of all 63 possible conversion values by mapping revenue ranges to each value. By looking at each conversion value as a range for revenue, clients are given granular insight into their monetization efforts for their iOS 14.5+ user base. The order of allocation of ranges to values is extremely important with this mode. If a range is triggered, and that range is assigned a high value, all lower conversion values are lost-you’ll only receive the highest conversion value triggered. The conversion value you get will update every time a new value is higher than an old value. With this in mind, low revenue ranges will likely be assigned to low conversion values like CV0, whereas high revenue ranges—representing, for example, whale users—will be assigned the highest conversion value. It is also possible to measure events with this mode, but they need to be ordered according to the user journey so that visibility is maintained when the conversion value updates. In short, clients can gather revenue and event insights to optimize monetization efforts and deliver maximum ROAS.

- 6-bit mode: This mode provides maximum transparency on user engagements post-install and empowers user journey optimization. Up to six events can be chosen and mapped to the six bits available. The order in which these events are mapped can be random because the bits will directly represent the events, meaning the order in which they take place won’t impact the conversion value you receive.

2. Setup flows:

- Smart setup: This flow is designed for marketing teams seeking inspiration and guidance on the conversion value model that will work best for their app business model. After receiving a few pieces of input from the client, Smart setup leverages our trained machine-learning models to suggest mapped, ready-to-use conversion values or will provide the opportunity for clients to set their own 6-bits.

  • Revenue mapping: Includes all 63 CVs available for mapping to revenue or revenue + events.
  • Behavior mapping: Focuses on 6 bit mapping to measure and track in-app events and user engagement.

- Advanced setup: Geared toward experienced teams who already have a CV model in mind, this flow allows clients to set up either model type directly—with the additional option to upload mapped conversion values as a CSV (CSV Upload) also available. The most customizability and granularity is added by setting up the 63 CV model within the advanced flow. This configuration gives clients the ability to manually set conditions that include, for example, events based on hourly intervals, or hours after install. The user interface then displays this process as it’s happening, along with how many CVs are left to map. We also provide insights from our expertise and mathematical distributions that allow clients to create revenue buckets: linear, exponential, and pareto (80/20) distribution.

For more information on Conversion Hub and how you and your team can get started, get in touch with your Adjust contact person or reach out here.

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