Adjust’s SKAN solutions propel LC Waikiki to optimized ROAS and CPI

About LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a leading Istanbul-based ready-to-wear fashion chain, with over 500 stores in Turkey and branches across more than 55 countries worldwide. LC Waikiki customers shop in three ways: in store, on the brand’s site, and through the brand’s mobile app.

SEM is a global consultancy and technology company, specializing in growth consultancy, artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics based, and next-generation digital marketing technologies.

Mobile marketing is a current focus for LC Waikiki, and considered an important driver for success. LC Waikiki has been working closely with digital marketing partner SEM to optimize digital marketing strategies and data-driven processes.

The challenge

The LC Waikiki and SEM team was having trouble with SKAdNetwork (SKAN) revenue mapping - in particular, aligning their revenue signals within SKAN’s conversion value framework. Aware of the change in approach necessitated by the rollout of SKAN, they were keen to implement new processes that maximized the data insights available to the team. They were keen to avoid compromising the effectiveness of the innovative and hyper-localized marketing techniques they’d honed over a number of years, that had successfully appealed to prospective users in niche markets.

A new perspective was required to truly optimize measurement and tracking for iOS in the SKAN era. Unclear data was not going to cut it. The team made the decision to seek an MMP with industry-leading SKAN expertise and solutions.

The solution

Partnering with Adjust to streamline their SKAN approach, the LC Waikiki and SEM team implemented a  conversion value schema built using Adjust’s innovative Conversion Hub. An immediate impact of this was a significant improvement in their ability to track revenue and analyze campaign performance. They were able to identify high-performing channels and allocate their marketing budget more effectively, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Berkan Şişman

Senior Data Consultant, SEM

In the process of leveraging Adjust’s SKAN capabilities to the greatest effect, the team at LC Waikiki was able to make use of a number of Adjust tools and solutions:

  • SKAN conversion value schema optimization with Conversion Hub: By leveraging historical data and machine learning algorithms, Adjust was able to tailor and create effective  conversion value schemas purpose built to predict revenue more accurately and optimize campaign performance effectively. This involved analyzing various data points, namely the total purchases and revenues in 2023, product-specific top-selling product amounts in 2023, the price scale of products sold in the current iOS mobile app from the product feed, the seasonality of 2023, and inflation in Turkey within the scope of daily visits, sales, revenue, and AOV values. This enabled the identification of optimal conversion value ranges, improving revenue forecasting.
  • Audience Builder: Adjust's Audience Builder empowers the creation of highly targeted audience segments based on aggregated SKAN attribution data, allowing the team to deliver personalized messages and offers to specific user groups. By leveraging SKAN conversion insights, audience targeting strategies were optimized.
  • Datascape: The results of these optimized strategies are displayed within Adjust’s Datascape dashboard, visually demonstrating the reach and impact of advertising campaigns in real time, across various channels and platforms where SKAN is being leveraged for attribution. By analyzing campaign data, the team gains valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, the ability to monitor performance metrics and track key KPIs, and optimization opportunities across all marketing channels. One of the team’s favorite Adjust capabilities is advanced attribution modeling, allowing accurate attribution across multiple touchpoints. Datascape also provides deep insights into user behavior from SKAN datasets. By analyzing SKAN conversion data to extract information on key metrics such as retention and relevant in-app events, app experience can be optimized, and marketing strategies honed to drive user engagement and retention. In short, Adjust’s SKAN solutions make campaign optimization easy.

While the LC Waikiki and SEM data team had initially approached Adjust to help overcome a SKAN-specific issue, it soon became clear that many of Adjust’s additional capabilities would provide exponential clarity and value. Using many of Adjust's solutions simultaneously allowed the team to look at campaign performance holistically, implementing changes across various channels to streamline workflows and drive growth.

As a large retailer with an extensive tech stack, another important aspect of the LC Waikiki team’s experience with Adjust was integration capabilities. The team was able to seamlessly “plug in” a range of third-party platforms and tools, allowing them to leverage additional data sources and insights.

The results

The LC Waikiki and SEM team credits Adjust with transforming the way they approach mobile marketing. The significant improvements and cost efficiencies realized by this optimized marketing approach are clear when looking at both return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per install (CPI):

  • Overall ROAS change after implementation of Adjust solutions: 15.9 times higher
  • Overall CPI change after implementation of Adjust solutions: -96.1%

Buse Betoner Öründü

Global Digital Analytics & Marketing Manager, LC Waikiki Türkiye

Adjust's SKAN conversion value schema empowers LC Waikiki to accurately attribute revenue, optimize campaign strategies, analyze performance at a granular level, and drive continuous improvement in its marketing efforts, ultimately contributing to its success and growth as a retail business. By assigning conversion values to different user actions, such as purchases or app installs, LC Waikiki can precisely measure the impact of its marketing efforts on revenue generation. New levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation have been unlocked as a result of LC Waikiki’s partnership with Adjust.