Case Study: Murka

About Murka

Having recently celebrated their 11 year anniversary, Murka is an established and rapidly growing European game developer with a solid portfolio of social casino titles. With their HQ in Limassol, Cyprus, and offices in Ukraine, they sustainably create and publish games for a global audience. They have reached 5 million monthly active users, with some of their most popular games including Scatter Slots, Slots Era, Infinity Slots, Slots Journey - Cruise and Casino, and Scatter Hold'em Poker.

Murka is recognized as the best social casino operator by EGR, the most innovative company by E&K Gaming, and ranked among top European companies by AppAnnie for several years in a row.

Switching to Adjust to increase their DSP Traffic

Murka’s marketing strategy relies on attribution data and has for a while now. They were some of the first movers in understanding the importance of attribution data - even when it was simply to measure installs and sessions from their user acquisition campaigns.

Prior to making the switch to Adjust, they worked with two other attribution providers. As their needs developed and the company became more data-driven in their approach, they started looking for other attribution providers. Murka wanted to be able to customize their attribution and reattribution window, gain access to unlimited raw data, track custom in-app events, and partner with a company that is innovative in the continuous development of their solutions.

"As our needs developed as a company, we required another level of depth to our data. The additional granularity we were asking for lead to extra charges, so we decided to move on. That’s when we switched to Adjust, and with a smooth migration, we were able to start leveraging their technology and digging deeper into our data quickly."

Angelina Surnina

Chief Marketing Officer, Murka

Defining and matching their custom VTA and Reattribution settings with Adjust

An essential part of Murka’s marketing strategy is experimenting with attribution settings, especially for DSP partners. They had identified specific view through attribution [VTA] and reattribution settings which worked best across their different apps, so they were looking for a solution where they could customize these settings for more accurate attribution and better results with re-engagement campaigns

One of our core KPIs is measuring Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), so it is critical for us to properly attribute install, re-installs, and overall engagement with our campaigns. With Adjust, we can make sure our data tells an accurate account of the success of our efforts."

Angelina Surnina

Chief Marketing Officer, Murka

Working with Adjust, they immediately saw the benefit of being able to set custom VTA windows for more than 1 day. Additionally, they could now set custom inactivity windows down to the campaign level in order to tell their networks who should be targeted.

For example, if they want to target a cohort of users who lapsed 30 days ago, they could set the inactivity window for this campaign to 30 days. Meanwhile, in another campaign, they could re-engage users who had a session over the last 5 days with the incentive of free coins to bring them back in.

It is common for aging products that have been in the market for 5-6 years to experiment with inactivity window settings in order to continue re-engaging users after a certain period of time. We’re very happy to be working with a partner like Adjust as we have the possibility to test and measure different strategies.”

Angelina Surnina

Chief Marketing Officer, Murka

Accurate attribution leads to 2x growth of DSP traffic

After onboarding Adjust and testing different settings for attribution and reattribution campaigns, Murka was able to understand the real performance of their DSP partners and could now attribute traffic more accurately.

Their efforts resulted in:

  • 2x growth of DSP traffic based on install volumes
  • Restructured their UA portfolio
  • Increased ROAS with engaged users by 20%

"Thanks to Adjust, we were able to increase our efficiency. By knowing which users are coming from paid vs. unpaid channels, we were able to strategize our marketing efforts with our overall marketing budget in mind"

Angelina Surnina

Chief Marketing Officer, Murka