Case Study: Traveloka x Adjust x TikTok

About Traveloka

Travel and lifestyle platform Traveloka provides a comprehensive product portfolio, allowing users to discover and purchase a wide range of travel, local services, and financial services products. The company operates in six countries across Southeast Asia (SEA). In one central app, users can book flights, ground transport, accommodation, and experiences at their destination, including city tours, restaurant reservations, and arranging travel insurance.

The Challenge

With continued growth across SEA, Traveloka needed to buckle down on its attribution data to support further scalability. The team knew they would need reliable partners to successfully target their Millennial and Gen Z demographics and reach their core key performance indicators (KPIs) of cost per action (CPA) and cost per install (CPI).

Traveloka needed to determine what platform(s) would give them the best return on their investment (ROI). Once users had successfully been acquired, Traveloka knew they would then need to drill down into which of their app’s services various segments were using.

The company knew that to use its budget as efficiently as possible, it would need to find a partner that provides a marketing solution package that includes fraud detection and prevention of false installs.

The Solution

Traveloka found the combination of partners they needed in Adjust and TikTok, with Adjust providing essential relevant marketing data from campaigns and in-app behavior, and TikTok providing Traveloka with the right target demographics for these campaigns. A new pool of data narrowed down which strategies and features Traveloka needed to focus on, particularly through the use of Adjust’s Mobile Attribution. The attribution window delivered a clear understanding of which channels, campaigns, and partners were the most effective.

Additionally, Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite mitigated the high level of fraudulent installs the team had been looking to avoid. This facilitated a more efficient use of budget which resulted in higher quality leads.

Tantia Tjahjono

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Traveloka

Meanwhile, TikTok worked closely with Traveloka to maximize their paid and organic strategy, providing guidance on creatives and formats to reach their target market. TikTok’s integration with Adjust facilitated quick campaign turnaround with less effort. TikTok has successfully worked with Traveloka to improve its upper funnel all the way through to its lower funnel.

Traveloka also worked with TikTok on App Event Optimization (AEO). AEO allows clients to target users who have a greater chance of triggering a certain event like downloading their apps or making an in-app purchase.

With the relevant data provided by Adjust, Traveloka was able to target the right audiences based on in-app behavior — acquiring the high-value users that it needed to drive app installs, flight purchases, and hotel purchases. It allowed Traveloka to reach the specific goals of its campaign and help every dollar of ad spend go further.

Tantia Tjahjono

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Traveloka

The Results

With the help of Adjust and TikTok, in Q3 2022, Traveloka has been able to:
  • Increase overall marketing efficiency by 80%
  • Increase conversions by 2X
  • Increase their performance uplift by 2X
  • Decrease fraudulent installs on TikTok by 2.5 X compared to other channels with the Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite

Next, Traveloka is ready to ramp up the growth of its app even more. Backed with strong data analytics in place, they feel ready to tackle cookieless advertising and iOS 14.5+.

Tania Tjahjono

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Traveloka