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Adjust claims Most Effective App Analytics Platform and MMP of the Year awards titles

Recognition for innovation and effectiveness is highly coveted in the mobile measurement space. The Adjust team celebrated two recent achievements and accolades this month, underscoring Adjust’s pivotal role in the industry as a leading mobile measurement platform (MMP) and further solidifying our reputation as a powerhouse in mobile app analytics and scalable growth.

Adjust named most effective app analytics platform

At the 14th Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, an array of brands, agencies, and tech firms were celebrated for their outstanding contributions to the mobile marketing landscape. This ceremony recognized excellence across 11 categories, with Adjust winning the prestigious industry award for the Most Effective App Analytics Platform.

This achievement highlights Adjust's proficiency in delivering insightful and actionable analytics, crucial for app developers and marketers in today's competitive environment. The award is a testament to Adjust's commitment to empowering clients with deep data insights that enhance decision-making and strategic planning.

Adjust is the 2023 MMP of the year

The App Growth Awards, held in conjunction with the App Promotion Summit Berlin, is another esteemed event that acknowledges the best in the global app growth and marketing ecosystem. Since its inception in 2017, these awards have set the standard for industry excellence.

Adjust's recognition as the MMP of the Year is particularly significant. This award is bestowed upon the MMP which exemplifies outstanding best practices in marketing and growth. It reflects Adjust's dedication to driving innovation and offering robust, cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of app marketers worldwide.

As the industry evolves, Adjust is poised to continue shaping the future of mobile app marketing and analytics. These awards are not just accolades but a nod to Adjust's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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