What is analytics?

Glossary Analytics

The definition of analytics

Analytics is the term that collates all functions of analysis, collection and presentation of data that is automatically compiled by data trackers. This data can then be easily interpreted and applied to a multitude of uses in order to improve performance.

Why is analytics important?

Once an app goes live, it’s essential for marketers to understand their app analytics. This includes what users are doing in-app, when they are opening and closing the app and the length of time the app is in use.

Analytics allows you to analyze data, find patterns, and discover insights on user behavior and app trends. Whether you’re looking at how users interact with ads or their in-app behavior, analytics can give you the data to improve your app. This includes optimization for your user experience, conversion rates and overall understanding of your app with actionable information.

It’s also important to learn when users are churning. This could highlight a common issue users are facing within your app. For example, if you have an e-commerce app and discover that a high number of your users lapse before making a purchase, there could be an issue with the final step in your funnel. Even if there isn’t a fundamental issue with the purchasing process, this has shown an area in need of improvement to drive more conversions.

Analytics and Adjust

With Adjust, you get all the tools you need for end-to-end app analysis. These tools allow you to answer several questions in detail, such as:

  • What in-app actions are my users completing?

  • When are users opening and closing my app?

  • How long are my users’ sessions?

  • Why are users churning?

Adjust’s mobile analytics are customizable and incredibly accurate. With our comprehensive KPI service and the ability to separate your users into cohorts, you can use data to create in-depth reports and find insights unlike anywhere else.

Cohort analysis

When a user installs your app, they have an ‘engagement lifespan.’ This lifespan can show trends that can be used to improve your app. However, if you’re running simultaneous improvements and campaigns, it’s difficult and confusing to see the effects of those changes. Cohort analysis allows you to compare apples with apples, removing these issues to give you a clearer view of which improvements have made an impact. To learn more about cohorts and cohort analysis, please read our official documentation.

Event tracking

In the world of mobile marketing, event tracking is the backbone of your app analytics setup. Adjust clients can tailor their events to the specific conversion goals of their app. For example, this could be signups, purchases, or level-ups. In real time, Adjust aggregates this data and crunches KPIs for every defined event, providing valuable insights into user behavior that marketers need.

With Adjust, marketers can gain accurate reportage of their users’ behavior and optimize their app based on those findings. Adjust also enables you to track default metrics and custom events to create the best dashboard for your OKRs. If you’d like to know more about this topic, take a look at our page dedicated to Analytics with Adjust.

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