The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary



What is Analytics?

Analytics is the term that collates all functions of analysis, collection and presentation of data which is automatically compiled by data trackers. Analytics allows you to interpret data easily, and data that analytics provides can be applied to a multitude of uses in order to improve performance.

Why is Analytics Important?

Analytics allows you to analyze data, find patterns, and create insights on what your users are up to. Whether this is to do with how users interact with your app, or how they behave around adverts, analytics can give you the data to help improve your app’s usability (and your marketing campaigns) with actionable information.

Analytics and Adjust

Adjust’s mobile analytics are utterly customizable but incredibly accurate. With our comprehensive KPI service and the ability to cohort how you’d like, you can use data to create in-depth reports, and find insights unlike anywhere else. Track default metrics, and custom events, to create the best dashboard for your OKRs. With Adjust, discover user behavior reported accurately, and optimize based on your findings.

We’ve dedicated an entire page to analytics, where you can find out much more about our mobile analytics offering.