Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that Adjust and AppLovin have agreed to join forces and build the future of app marketing together. This partnership will offer best-in-class solutions in one single package, putting measurement, analytics, growth, and monetization solutions within easy reach of every app developer around the globe.

When we founded Adjust in 2012, we had a simple goal in mind: we wanted to help app developers understand the real value of their campaigns. Over time, our goals expanded and our focus shifted towards helping app developers maximize their ROI. Now, we’re shifting gears again. Our vision is to be the growth engine for all app developers, so that they can grow their businesses and reach new heights and levels of performance.

That’s why we are elated about becoming part of the AppLovin family and joining a group of talented innovators who share our ambitions. AppLovin has been an incredible partner over the years, with a history of launching solutions that empower app developers and drive the ecosystem forward. The success of strategic investments such as PeopleFun is also a testament to AppLovin’s trust in independent teams and the products they lead. We realized that our ideals for the industry were aligned with AppLovin, and that both companies are committed to a thriving app ecosystem. Together we can give app developers the best technology to grow and succeed.

This shared philosophy and mission are the driving force behind the tie-up, which we are confident will create even more value for app developers and for the ecosystem as a whole in the coming years. That is also why we are collaborating together to launch the Adjust Growth Scholarship, an initiative designed for up-and-coming developers. Participants in this initiative will benefit from attribution and analytics tools, marketing, monetization and product consultation and funding to new mobile businesses. AppLovin and Adjust are also launching a $50M fund dedicated to select app developers participating in the Adjust Growth Scholarship.

We have worked closely with the Adjust team for years and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them. Adjust’s product-first approach to the attribution and analytics space is comparable to how we built AppLovin, and exceptional partnerships are born from similar objectives and culture. Together, we believe we will propel marketing tools innovation forward for mobile app developers globally,” said Adam Foroughi, AppLovin Co-Founder and CEO.

Please remember that Adjust will remain an independent company within the AppLovin family and will continue to focus on delivering transparent, reliable, and holistic app analytics data for its clients. We will continue to be an innovative force within the mobile attribution and apps analytics space. Adjust’s core product offering, including the company’s tech stack, SDK, and other services, remain unchanged by this partnership.

We can’t wait to get to work with AppLovin.

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