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Adjust goes live with Xandr, ABEMA, and Smadex for CTV campaign measurement

Following the recent release of Adjust’s Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement solutions (now part of CTV AdVision), the partnerships with Xandr, ABEMA, and Smadex are the latest in our continued move to provide industry-leading solutions in CTV. With the key insights that these products and partnerships provide, marketers can now prove ROI on their CTV advertising strategies and determine the impact of CTV in their marketing mix.

As a measurement partner with these leading brands in the CTV space, Adjust provides crucial measurement information for developers and marketers advertising on the platforms.

Unlock premium CTV inventory on streaming services with Xandr

Xandr is uniquely positioned to respond to the increased demand for advertising in the CTV and OTT space. Xandr leverages automation and relationships to deliver scaled campaigns on premium inventory across CTV screens.

Adjust clients looking to up their CTV game can benefit from Xandr’s consumer touchpoints, and can optimize targeting, frequency and reach using data and data science-enabled solutions to reach unique audiences. With access to more than 2,500 off-the-shelf audience segments, 45 data providers and over 170 million consumer touch points available on Xandr’s ID graph, the platform is designed for a cross-screen, cross-device ecosystem.

Leveraging ABEMA to uncover new opportunities in Japan

Surpassing more than 76 million downloads since their launch in 2016, with a weekly active user (WAU) base of 18.25 million, and an impressive year-on-year uplift in CTV viewing, Japanese OTT streaming service ABEMA is a key player in the region. ABEMA reported that in 2017, 4% of its overall users were on CTV. By 2019, this had jumped to 7%, and by 2021 had doubled to 14%. With this trend projected to continue, ABEMA’s CTV user base will continue to grow steadily over the coming years.

Japan is a huge space for CTV and OTT viewing (26.4 million CTV users, or 21% of the population), and our partnership with ABEMA is the first of its kind for Adjust in the market.

Reaching the right audiences at the right time with Smadex

Smadex is an advanced mobile-first programmatic solution for user acquisition and upper-funnel branding. As part of global media company Entravision, Smadex has access to inventory on multiple platforms offering top-notch features such as frequency control, advanced targeting, granular real-time reporting and quality controls. With Smadex, ads can also be matched to user behavior and interests, specific content, location, and device type.

Smadex for CTV makes it much simpler for brands to reach their target audiences across a variety of CTVs and set up campaigns based on individual parameters for budgets, goals, time of day, and geos. CTV campaigns run on Smadex have reported conversion rates as high as 95%.

They offer hyper-personalization, which allows you to understand audiences better, and to optimize campaigns based on their behaviors. Thanks to this partnership, you can reach your audiences effectively while tracking and measuring the success of campaigns.

Measuring cross-device success on Xandr, ABEMA, and Smadex with Adjust

Adjust’s partnerships with Xandr, ABEMA, and Smadex allow advertisers to add an Adjust impression tracking URL to any campaign creatives uploaded to the platforms. This means that mobile app installs and any in-app events can be successfully attributed to relevant CTV campaigns. So, if an ad is shown on an app streamed on one of the platforms, this impression can be attributed to conversions that take place on a phone or tablet belonging to the same user or household. Representing enormous coverage and reach in the CTV space, these top tier partnerships are part of Adjust’s continued efforts to provide the most inclusive CTV measurement solution on the market.

To learn more about cross-device attribution, working with Adjust, Xandr, ABEMA, and Smadex, and how to turn CTV into a performance channel, you can learn about our solution CTV AdVision here. You can also find out how to set up, track and measure Connected TV campaigns here.

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