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Adjust highlighted as an early tester of the Google Privacy Sandbox at DMEXCO 2022

At the recent Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (DMEXCO) in Cologne, Google highlighted Adjust’s involvement as an early-stage tester of the Google Privacy Sandbox. We’ve been following Google’s proposed privacy changes in the ads space for the past three years, and are working closely with Google to provide integration and support for its Privacy Sandbox initiative on Android. As a leader in mobile marketing analytics with data privacy in our DNA, we are committed to building forward-looking solutions that support user privacy and allow mobile advertising to co-exist successfully. Taking part in the early testing for Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android APIs is a tangible next step to ensuring that we get there as an industry and evolve towards a new world of innovation and opportunity in a privacy-first ecosystem.

Recap: What is Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative?

Initially announced in August 2019, Google created its multi-year Privacy Sandbox initiative to develop a set of open standards enhancing privacy on the web. Later, Google announced the expansion of the initiative to Android, where these solutions are designed to limit the sharing of user data and operate without cross-app identifiers. They also aim to reduce the potential for covert data collection, such as introducing safer ways for apps to integrate with advertising technology.

Adjust as a Google Privacy Sandbox tester

The shift away from user-level tracking mechanisms to protect user privacy is one we at Adjust wholeheartedly support and believe is necessary. We are honored to be working at the forefront of this privacy transformation in collaboration with Google’s Privacy Sandbox team, performing early-stage testing of their APIs for this initiative.

As a tester, we will be able to provide insightful input to Google to ensure the solution will not only safeguard user privacy but also empower advertisers’ marketing capabilities. The testing period is expected to last at least two years. As always, we will provide updates when available.

In short, in continuing Adjust’s commitment to shaping the next generation of mobile measurement that puts user privacy first, we see this collaboration as a tangible step toward working on industry-wide solutions that benefit our clients and their end users, partners, and the entire app ecosystem.

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