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Adjust sets you up for iOS 14 success with our latest SDK update

With the privacy changes on iOS 14 imminent, Adjust has been hard at work ensuring the changes will have a minimal impact on our clients and how they measure their app marketing success.

With this in mind, we’ve launched the latest updates to our iOS SDK — including support for Apple’s latest AdService Framework — to help our clients have access to the most innovative, privacy-centric solution available.

Benefits of the Adjust SDK for iOS

Since Apple announced their proposed privacy changes, which will alter how users interact with advertising on iOS14, Adjust has focused on producing first-to-market solutions to help our clients smoothly transition to this new era, without skipping a beat. We launched our first iOS 14 SDK update that supported AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) back in August.

On January 18, we released our latest SDK, which has three significant additions to help position your campaigns for success on iOS 14:

  • Support for the new AdService Framework for Apple Search Ads attribution.
  • A new appTrackingAuthorizationStatus getter has been added to the Adjust instance, enabling a call to determine the current app tracking status.
  • An improved measurement consent management and third-party sharing system.

These features complement and expand upon the features we’ve already developed to aid marketers in the post-iOS 14 era.

The Adjust iOS SDK already has integrated support for SKAdNetwork. Users can set up SKAdNetwork conversion value event mapping right in the Adjust Dashboard — letting Adjust do the heavy lifting by decoding the conversion value sent from Apple and enabling you to see the data mapped to actual events in your reports.

To ensure our clients continue to receive the best attribution support and transparency into your data, our new Dashboard Support Wizard enables Adjust customers to receive SKAdNetwork attribution and ATT activity update reports in your raw data, with just a few simple clicks.

We know there’s also a lot of new information and buzzwords to digest with iOS 14. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated support panel in the Adjust dashboard to centralize all of the essential links you might need, including a set-up wizard to get all your apps ready for iOS 14’s privacy changes.

Next steps

To update to the latest Adjust SDK, you can find the details on implementation here.

Ultimately, we want to preserve business as usual for our clients as much as we can - by encouraging practices that maximize IDFA opt-in and maintaining attribution accuracy on an aggregated level. Want to learn more? Read the details on the SDK update and visit our iOS 14 Resource Center for all things Adjust and iOS 14.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns ahead of the iOS 14 privacy rollout, our support team is here to help — please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager or Customer Success Partner to learn more.

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