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Unlock valuable Amazon Ads insights: Announcing updates to our integration

Adjust’s partnership with Amazon Ads is about to offer you even more. Now, when you run campaigns through Amazon Ads, you’ll be able to attribute all post-install actions and conversions back to your Amazon campaigns, even when they take place outside of the Amazon store. Campaign-related activity both inside and outside of the Amazon store will be attributed to your Amazon Ads campaigns in real time, giving you a more complete view of your marketing performance.

Your Amazon Ads metrics will be visible in your Datascape dashboard, alongside all of your other ad network campaign data. Having a comprehensive overview of all of your marketing activities in one place provides limitless insights. Uniting all of your analytics and reporting removes data silos and fragmentation for more accurate and agile marketing.

Creating and targeting audience segments (specific subgroups with shared characteristics) is powered by marketers’ ability to view accurate, granular data in real time. Adding Amazon Ads to your marketing mix and taking advantage of the benefits of this integration is another step towards reaching the audiences most likely to convert.

This integration, announced at Amazon Ads’ unBoxed conference 2023, represents our commitment to ongoing development of our partner integrations in ways that bring demonstrable value to our users. Adjust, as an industry-leading MMP, is offering this integration from day one.

Access our Help Center to learn more about how to set up measurement with Amazon Ads, or read Amazon’s press release announcing the integration.

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