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Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event, iPhone 14, iOS 16, and more

Apple’s third live event of the year, ‘Far Out’ took place on September 7 online. The company outlined its suite of upcoming releases, including a full preview of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, all slated for release on September 16—except for iPhone 14 Plus, which will be released on October 7.

Among details of the new features, tweaks, and a focus on its upcoming emergency/SOS feature, Apple announced that iPhone 14 Plus will have the series’ biggest ever display size at 6.7 inches—along with the anticipated ‘Always-on’ lockscreen feature. They also stated that the new phones will offer users increased battery life and speed and better thermal performance, highlighting that this will drive improved mobile gaming experiences.

Far Out also included a detailed look at the new Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and the new Apple Watch Ultra (set for release on September 16) and details on the next generation of AirPods Pro (out on September 23).

iOS 16 was given the official launch date of September 12, with key features including a redesigned, customizable lock screen and a new Unsend and Edit option for Messenger.

Apple, user privacy, and the mobile marketing industry

Beginning with iOS 14.5, Apple has led the way on user privacy among mobile marketers. As an analytics platform offering attribution solutions, Adjust wholeheartedly supports putting data privacy center stage, allowing users to determine who has access to what, and when.

These shifts, however, have made mobile marketing and attribution more complex. As Apple continues to spearhead the industry-wide privacy movement, we’re developing next-generation solutions and products that meet data-privacy requirements while also allowing clients to continue building robust user acquisition and measurement strategies that drive ROI.

Adjust solutions for success on iOS

Despite the attribution limitations brought about by SKAdNetwork (SKAN), mobile marketers are still fully equipped to run successful, insight-driven campaigns on iOS. At Adjust, we advocate our side-by-side measurement solution in Datascape, which provides clear, accurate, and actionable data. With aggregated SKAN data next to App Tracking Transparency (ATT) opted-in user-level data, marketers can make important strategic decisions regarding budgets, channels, and the pausing and scaling of campaigns.

Working with conversion values and SKAN is essential to success on iOS. Our conversion value solution, designed for teams of all sizes and expertise levels, allows clients to generate or build conversion value configurations specific to their app, business model, and KPIs. With SKAdNetwork 4.0 poised for an upcoming release, four new features are slated to rollout:

  • Multiple conversions: Multiple attribution windows that can be set for different conversion values.
  • Hierarchical conversion values: ‘Coarse’ or ‘fine’ grained conversion values conditional and set to appear once a sufficient number of installs have taken place.
  • Hierarchical source identifiers: Allowing advertisers to attribute installs to campaigns and more.
  • SKAN attributions for web: Allowing advertisers web-based attribution for ads that direct to the advertised app’s App Store listing.

We’re continuing to keep a close eye on these changes and updates to ensure we develop clients the solutions clients need for success on iOS. You can learn more about our iOS and SKAdNetwork Solutions here or check out our latest guide to SKAN 4, created in partnership with TikTok.

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