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Data residency: what does it mean for my industry?

Within the mobile industry, it’s not uncommon for businesses to accumulate, share and store data across multiple continents or regions. Deciding where to store this information has its complexities as privacy policies and regulations vary across different geographical boundaries. Because of this, each app might have its own data residency needs depending on  country, vertical and relevant regional data protection laws.

How does this affect me?

For specific apps, such as those in healthcare or telecommunications, it’s imperative that personal data does not leave the business’s chosen region of operations due to strict data regulations. Any business that transfers personal data to third countries outside of these regions is held accountable to these regulations. Understanding the data privacy requirements in each region is crucial for corporations and global brands with apps that conduct their operations across various regions.

Currently, Adjust has data residency solutions for three regions: European Economic Area (EEA), U.S. and Turkey.

Regional requirements

We process client data throughout all three of our data centers, however if requested we can assist clients with data residency solutions to suit their specific needs. For instance, if you have a health app operating in Germany that falls under the “Digital Health Applications Ordinance (DiGAV)”, you must certify that the user’s personal data is processed within the EEA. We can assist clients to ensure that their data is processed only within our European servers, therefore complying with regional requirements.

How data residency with Adjust works

Adjust is the first and only mobile measurement partner to have designed a data residency solution that processes data within a specific, user-defined location. This is achieved by using separate endpoint requests (,, to route client data directly to the dedicated server.This keeps user data within the desired region and ensures that it won’t be moved to or replicated in any of our other servers.

Data privacy and protection is at the core of what we do at Adjust, and privacy is an increasingly important element of operating internationally for global brands and apps. By having complete control over where your data is located, both you and your customers can rest easy knowing that your data is correctly, compliantly and safely stored. We’re the only MMP that doesn’t rely on cloud storage, meaning we manage the data flow end-to-end, making sure that we keep your data exactly where you want it by using our dedicated, real-world servers. We guarantee that the data goes to the right data residency server, and nowhere else. Not only is this more cost effective but it also guarantees that your data stays in your chosen region for processing and storage until it needs to be deleted.

Ask yourself these questions to ensure that your data is compliant:

  • Does my region require explicit data residency?
  • For my vertical, does user data need to remain within the borders of my country of operation?
  • How does my MMP guarantee that data stays in a geographic location?
  • What happens if my MMP uses multiple locations but uses only one endpoint?

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