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Empowering your growth through iOS 14: Adjust’s solution

Since the announcement of Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes, Adjust has been taking steps to ensure minimum disruption for our clients, and developing solutions so you can continue to make data-driven decisions.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a multifaceted approach to empower you to continue to use your data with certainty. This includes full support for the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) protocol, our comprehensive SKAdNetwork (SKAN) solution, and our in-house conversion modeling solution, designed to bridge the gap between deterministic and SKAdNetwork approaches.

To further support clients during the changes, our comprehensive SKAdNetwork features are included as a free part of customers’ existing plans.

IMPORTANT: There is currently limited visibility into the actual date of enforcement of the App Tracking Transparency framework so, it is crucial that you do not implement the flow early, thus exposing all of your users to the ATT prompt. Activating the consent flow before Apple’s official deadline will affect your user acquisition and monetization efforts.

Adjust’s conversion modeling

Conversion modeling is Adjust’s primary technical solution to the iOS 14 changes. By modeling what conversion rates from non-consented users should look like, projected from the behavior of consented users, we can estimate performance to a high degree of probability.

All performance KPIs and aggregated attribution data will still be available in your Adjust dashboard and through our KPI service. Cohorts, Deliverables, Ad Spend, Fraud Prevention Suite, and Adjust Automate features will all function as usual—ensuring your aggregated data remains actionable.

Our conversion modeling system works with a high level of precision from a user consent rate of 10% and upwards. Our aim is to create an approach that minimizes disruption to your operation while remaining fully compliant with Apple’s guidelines because our approach is based on aggregated data. We’ll be refining the model over time to constantly improve forecasting and to provide clients with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Securing user opt-in

Securing high user opt-in rates on Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework is the single best way to minimize disruption on iOS 14 — allowing marketers to continue receiving deterministic attribution, and carry on with segmentation and retargeting. Securing high user opt-in rates will also allow apps to gain a competitive advantage, both on the supply and demand side. While we are offering full support for novel iOS 14 features, we recommend clients focus on maximizing opt-ins wherever possible: even a relatively low percentage of opt-in rates can prove crucial to your success.

This is why we have carried out extensive research, and worked closely with clients across sectors, to develop best practices on user consent flows. You can find many of these learnings in our latest guide for iOS & SKAN marketing, or our blog post on opt-in design do’s & don’ts.

Interested in optimizing your user consent flow? Please reach out to your Adjust Customer Success Manager or Account Manager, who will be able to offer tailored advice based on our learnings.

Full support for SKAdNetwork

Our support for SKAdNetwork is the third pillar of our iOS 14 solution-including full support for SKAdNetwork’s features via our new Data Canvas visualization tool and our existing Adjust Automate product.

Adjust will support two main approaches to conversion values: event-based and value-based.

Our event-based solution allows marketers to link six distinct events to specific conversion values—giving you full visibility into your main post-install KPIs within your SKAdNetwork data set.

In our value-based conversion system, Adjust seamlessly aggregates user behavior across four different activities: sessions, events, revenue, and ad revenue. This gives marketers full command of their conversion value management by leveraging all 63 distinct buckets provided for in the 6-bit SKAdNetwork conversion postback. The solution is especially well suited to marketers who want to focus on a specific KPI or several conditional KPIs by leveraging AND logic to chain different conditions.

Both solutions are completely supported by Adjust’s SDK, and can also be utilized server-to-server for complete flexibility.

You also have the option to set a conversion value window, a defined time period after an app install, or reinstall, in which Adjust continues to update conversion values based on user activity. For example, setting this window to 24 hours, will provide a clean dataset as all users will have been measured within the same period.

In addition to rolling out new features, we are  integrating as many partners as possible into our SKAdNetwork solution - more than any other in the industry. Find the full list here, with more on the way in the coming weeks.

A final note on SKAdNetwork: our SKAdNetwork offering is provided to clients completely free of charge, so you can start implementing your SKAdNetwork workflow without worrying about costs.

Our promise to you

While iOS 14 means significant changes for the mobile measurement industry, our commitment to you remains the same: your growth is our growth.

We’ll be releasing more detailed information and step-by-step guides for all the stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem on how to have a robust response to iOS 14 in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the Adjust blog for more.

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