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Adjust x Tiktok: How an entertainment-first approach improves efficiency for brands

Although consumers are spending hours online every day, 90% of digital ads are skipped. This clear saturation point in advertising has led to concern among app marketers. Connecting with a digitally engaged but motivationally distracted audience is the most pressing challenge. The solution? Shoppertainment.

Consumer interest in an emotional connection with brands continues to climb. Shoppertainment, which comprises content-driven commerce which prioritizes entertainment, is a natural answer to cutting through digital advertising. Making authentic, captivating, and entertaining content creates opportunities for audience engagement that drives meaningful business impact.

To find out whether Shoppertainment really is the next big thing in marketing, Adjust conducted a meta study. Our research analyzed advertising performance across various media sources. We found that TikTok's entertainment-first, commerce-second approach undeniably helps brands stay authentic and avoid a hard sell approach.

The key takeaways

Our study found that TikTok performs higher than other media sources in:

  1. Cost-efficiency: On average, TikTok ads had a 60% lower cost per install across all verticals.
  2. Converting paying users: Across verticals, paying user acquisitions were 75% higher on Android and 96% higher on iOS.
  3. Ad revenue per mille: This was especially evident in the gaming vertical in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and Japan, as well as in the entertainment vertical in Southeast Asia (SEA).
  4. iOS retention rates: iOS D30 retention rates were 100% higher in the e-commerce vertical and 75% higher in the entertainment vertical.

It’s evident that driving lower-funnel engagements where your audience already spends much of their time pays off.

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