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It’s here! Adjust & AppLovin bring you Mobile app trends 2024

Despite any and all changes that confront the mobile app marketing industry, the fundamental questions remain the same for developers and advertisers. How do I discover the best places to allocate budget? Where will I get the best return on investment? How can I most effectively and impactfully optimize my campaigns? With ongoing complexity around privacy rules and regulations, changing technologies and measurement methodologies, and a myriad of new channels, it’s understandable that the landscape can appear fragmented.

That’s why Adjust and AppLovin have teamed up on Mobile app trends 2024. Complete with our usual benchmarks, data deep-dives, analysis, and all the essentials you need to scale your app growth, AppLovin have joined to help us take it up another level. The AppLovin team offers industry expertise and insights aimed at further equipping marketers with the information needed to craft strategies that outpace the competition and stay ahead of the curve.

A preview of what’s inside:

  • An exploration of the mobile app marketing landscape in 2024, including how to formulate a successful growth strategy, diversify channels, find the right media mix, and adapt to privacy updates, next-generation technologies, and AI-driven advancements.
  • Patterns around App Tracking Transparency (ATT) opt-in rates YoY. Hint: They’re still climbing.
  • Fintech app installs and sessions grew by 42% and 24% YoY, respectively, and in-app revenue climbed 118%.
  • The global median eCPI for e-commerce apps is $1.33, while month 0 LTV reaches $10.35 on iOS.
  • Gaming app installs and sessions followed a downward trend overall in 2023, but Q4 represented a bounce-back, with installs up 7% globally as 19% in LATAM.
  • In-app revenue also grew for gaming apps in 2023 - 6%.

For more insights across fintech, gaming, and e-commerce globally as well as in APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and North America, download your copy of Mobile app trends 2024: A global benchmark of app performence today.

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