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Our latest Connected TV App Measurement integration with Roku

We’re happy to announce Adjust’s latest integration for Connected TV App Measurement with leading streaming platform Roku. With this integration, Adjust now supports almost all Connected TV (CTV) platforms, including AppleTV, Android TV and Amazon Fire.

The rise of new platforms for CTV (i.e. television sets connected to the internet) is unbundling television and leading to a new landscape - and Adjust is on the forefront of ensuring that innovators can effectively measure their marketing success on these new channels. Adjust’s CTV App Measurement solution was built to help marketers maximize adoption of their Over the Top (OTT) and CTV apps. The tool allows clients to understand which advertising campaigns are driving installs and analyze user behavior, so they can optimize ads for better ROI, retention and re-engagement.

Brands can also analyze user and consumption behavior within streaming apps, which can go on to inform viewers’ suggested programs or even measure views on product placement within shows.

Katie Madding

Chief Product Officer, Adjust

The launch comes as a paradigm shift in the way people are interacting with their TV screens takes hold. Consumers around the world are cutting the cord to cable TV and migrating their viewing and spending habits to CTV. Sitting at the convergence of TV and mobile phones, CTVs offer an app ecosystem similar to those on mobile — meaning consumers can watch shows, play games, learn a new language, listen to music or stream their favourite exercise classes from their television.

Advertisers are following suit, with more than half of brands moving budgets to connected TV at the expense of other media, particularly broadcast (53%) and cable (52%). As a result, ad spend on CTV in the US is projected to reach $14.12 billion by 2023.

The integration comes on the heels of Adjust’s recent Subscription Attribution release, which can be combined with Adjust’s CTV App Measurement to understand how users are behaving within your CTV app, why they churn and what makes them re-engage.

Ready to start growing your CTV and OTT apps? Head over to our product page to learn more, or reach out to your dedicated sales rep to get you set up.

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