Blog The latest on the SKAN 4 CV reset bug

The latest on the SKAN 4 CV reset bug

Adoption of Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4 is growing, and in that growth, the SKAN 4 CV reset bug has surfaced. We’ll cover why this reset bug has popped up, what it looks like, and whether or not you can still run SKAN 4 campaigns with Adjust. (Spoiler: You can!) Get everything you need to know on the SKAN 4 CV reset bug below because we’re always here to guide you through all industry changes, including those within SKAdNetwork (SKAN).

The CV reset explained (CV = 0)

Recently, Adjust, other mobile measurement partners (MMPs), and partner networks have identified a bug within Apple’s SKAN 4, now known as the SKAN 4 CV reset bug. As the rollout of SKAN 4 enables conversion values to decrease, a bug associated with conversion values resetting to zero has been causing this surge.

Within the SKAN framework flow, CV=0  conveys an install with no further details on post-install performance. Conversion values greater than this, those being between 1 and 63, denote app engagements beyond an app install that meet the conditions in the corresponding conversion values. The SKAN 4 CV reset bug overwrites an existing conversion value and incorrectly resets the conversion value to zero.

But don’t worry; your Adjust SDK is not affected, and a fix is here from Apple.

The three things to know about this bug

At Adjust, our product and experts are always ready to walk you through shifts in the industry, including unexpected hiccups like this one from Apple. Below are three notes you’ll want to keep in mind regarding the SKAN 4 CV reset bug.

1. The fix is here: iOS 16.6

On our end, Adjust submitted a bug report to Apple, and Apple revealed in its System Status page that the bug is fixed with the update iOS 16.6. So, once your app’s users update to iOS 16.6, this bug should be taken care of.

2. No update is required for the Adjust SDK

Unlike other mobile measurement providers, the workflow within the Adjust SDK is designed to withstand technical variations like this bug. Therefore, rest easy as no immediate SDK update is necessary from our end.

3. Yes, go ahead and set up SKAN 4 mapping

More and more networks are adopting SKAN 4, and we highly encourage our clients to set up SKAN 4 mapping as best practice. Why? The very near future is SKAN 4, and it will pay off to be prepared. Learn how to strategically set up your fine and coarse values in our on-demand webinar: Becoming a SKAN 4 expert.

Enhanced SKAN 4 setup coming your way!

We’re pleased to announce that on August 9, 2023, Adjust will be adding SKAN 4 mapping setup in Conversion Hub. This setup will further enhance your ability to navigate the ever-evolving SKAN.

At Adjust, we’re here to help our clients stay one step ahead in mobile measurement and analytics but also in sudden industry changes like this one. Learn more about why 135,000+ apps believe they are better with Adjust.

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