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Ad Network


What is an Ad Network?

Ad networks aggregate ad inventories from large numbers of supply sources and match these with demand sources looking for ad slots in which to advertise. The supply sources in a mobile ad network typically constitute apps from publishers and app developers. Demand sources are made up of advertisers who want to place their ad in another app to acquire new users.

Many mobile ad networks support a wide spectrum of different formats, from banners to native ads, while others are focused on specific formats such as video.

On the demand-side, some ad networks offer a platform for advertisers to sign-in and manage their own campaigns. Others offer a managed service in which account managers provide a consultative approach and use their expertise to ensure the campaign runs at optimal levels.

Why Are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks are an essential monetization element of the mobile advertising ecosystem. They act as a technical and commercial intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

On the technical level, integrations are often provided for the supply-side to offer their inventory and for the demand-side to activate and monitor campaigns. Commercially, ad networks facilitate payments and transactions. Without ad network solutions to pull demand, publishers would have to negotiate deals with each individual advertiser.

Glispa’s Ad Network

The Glispa Performance Network has been active since 2008. Through our direct publisher integrations, we run campaigns in 187 countries. We process over 400 billion events per month, applying a global approach with local expertise through our regional experts from over 50 countries.

Our proprietary technology allows us to optimize campaigns for mobile advertisers on different levels. Using cohort analysis we make necessary adjustments to campaigns in real-time and ensure that client’s KPI targets are met, reducing acquisition costs. Our dedicated network operations team constantly monitors our campaign traffic and makes use of advanced pre-conversion metrics, ensuring only quality users for our clients. Glispa’s mobile ad network, through our global team of experts and our advanced ad tech, delivers users with the highest lifetime value and engagement levels to help advertisers meet their user acquisition goals around the globe.

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