The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary

Click Validation


Click Validation is the new standard for mobile fraud prevention, created by Adjust.

With Click Validation activated, all clicks we receive are matched with impression data, proving that an ad has been viewed before a click was made.

How does Click Validation work?

For Click Validation to work, ad networks send Adjust impression data along with a unique identifier that corresponds with users’ clicks. By requesting an impression before the click, a matching engagement by the same device can be verified. Click Validation will therefore lead to more accurate attribution and less budget wasted due to ad fraud.

Click Validation protects against three kinds of fraud: Click Spamming, Click Injection, and Spoofed Users.

Click Validation and Adjust

Click Validation is an additional package offered to Adjust clients.

In terms of network inclusion, Click Validation will become a core requirement throughout 2019 for all network members of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF) - an alliance founded by Adjust, with a shared devotion to tackling mobile ad fraud.

Other industry players are also invited to implement Click Validation, creating more transparency and unifying efforts to prevent fraud in the ecosystem.