What is installs per mille (IPM)?

Glossary What is installs per mille (IPM)?

What is IPM?

IPM (installs per mille) is a conversion metric that mobile marketers use to measure user activity and conversion rates. It refers to the number of installs per thousand impressions and is an important barometer of conversion success, so is often included in an app marketer’s KPIs.

IPM can be influenced by a number of factors, including how powerful your ad creative is, the strategy you’re using to target your audience, and your app store optimization (ASO).

How is IPM calculated?

To calculate IPM, the number of installs is divided by the number of ad impressions and multiplied by 1,000. By standardizing install rates in this way, a marketer of multiple apps can make comparisons between them. Even if the install volumes are vastly different (for example, one app is recording 100 installs and another is recording 1,000 installs), applying this calculation will make both “per mille” values and therefore directly comparable.

The formula used to calculate installs per mille

Why is IPM important?

IPM is a very useful measure when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your user acquisition (UA) strategies and determining milestones. For example, you might have set an IPM KPI that, once achieved, signals the start of scaling up your marketing efforts and assigning a greater share of marketing budget.

Generally, an install of an app represents greater user interest and intent than simply a click. IPM can tell a marketer a lot about how relevant or intriguing an ad is to its audience, and ultimately how appealing the app is. By monitoring IPM while tweaking ad creative and messaging, a marketer can get a sense of what is working best.

IPM and Adjust

Datascape, Adjust’s analytics solution built for marketers, lets you pull data from multiple sources into one dashboard. Within this dashboard, you can customize your reports and organize your KPIs, using various metrics to keep track of user activity. By viewing IPM values alongside other standardized measures such as cost per mille (CPM), you can build a full picture of your marketing campaign’s performance and make changes where necessary.

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