What is uninstall?

Glossary Uninstalls

The definition of uninstalls

The definition of an uninstall is when a user deliberately removes an app from their device. In the world of mobile marketing, it is an important metric for measuring an app’s performance.

Why should I track uninstalls?

Attracting users to install your app and keeping those same users engaged costs your team valuable resources and money. That’s why understanding when (and why) your users uninstall (and knowing which campaigns made them reinstall) is a game-changer. Being able to measure when a user uninstalls and reinstalls gives you insights into the entire user lifecycle, allowing you to optimize marketing campaigns and retarget with precision.

What kind of decisions can I make with uninstall data?

By evaluating at which stage of the funnel your users churn, you can work towards optimizing the app experience, and make tweaks to your product that will ultimately net you higher ROI and a more active user base. Whether your users are uninstalling after making a big purchase, or to free up some much-needed space on their phone, you’ll have all the data at your fingertips to keep your users activated and engaged. And like all the other in-app events you’re measuring, uninstalls are always tied back to the current marketing source, so you can even optimize your marketing spend based on where you’re finding your most loyal app users.

Measuring when those users re-installed your app, gives you full understanding of their behavior and which marketing campaigns attract them the most. Uninstall tracking is available as a package to all customers. Get in contact with us for more details. For more, click here.

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